A couple get close and smiles in front of trees with glowing sun.

Wardrobe can have more of an impact on your images than the location! Imagine the difference between a woman in a long flowing gown walking barefoot down a beach at sunset versus a woman in hiking boots, jeans, a comfy jacket and a knit cap on a beach at sunset. The first makes you think of romance and ethereal beauty, while the second conjures ideas of adventure and moxie. Keep this in mind when planning outfits for your session!

Below I've collected some tips to help you plan!


1. Matchy-Matchy is out

Coordination is in. The days of family photos where everyone is wearing the same color shirt and pants are over. Instead, pick a palette of complimentary colors to stick to; such as maroon, navy and gray with a dash of mustard yellow. It's also best to choose between rich dark colors, or pale lighter colors and keep it consistent. If you already have a piece of clothing picked out, use that as the basis for the rest of your wardrobe picks!

 Gorgeous couple gets close in front of lake in downtown Olympia.

2. Solid Advice

If you're a pattern person, keep it to yourself! And by that I mean wear the pattern, and put everyone else in solids. Patterns can be distracting and fight with one another when too many are present. Solid colors are classic and photograph well, and darker colors are also slimming. I also highly recommend staying away from thin stripes, neons, and t-shirts with logos or characters as they just don't photograph well. 


3. Details Details

Paying attention to little things can go a long way. Keeping jewelry simple is not only great because you don't have to fuss with it, but you want the focus to be on you, not your necklace. Clothing fit can make a huge difference, pants and shirts that are too large can look sloppy. Too small and it looks like you hastily borrowed the outfit from a friend. Sleeves that go at least to your elbow can elongate your arms and make them seem more toned. Socks should match your shoes and nails should be clean or freshly painted to avoid becoming distracting. And if you're going to cut your hair, do it at least 2 weeks before the shoot so it doesn't look freshly cut. 

 Lovely couple hold hands while they walk their dogs down the road.

4. Layers & Extras

Layers are a great way to 'change' outfits during the session for a slightly different look without needing to find a private location. Scarves, shawls and blankets are easy to bring in or remove and can provide lots of variation and fun. 


5. Remember, it's about you

So if you want distracting socks, rock it! For more ideas try visiting ShopJule.com, a store dedicated to selling clothing that photographs amazingly!