On your walls, not in a drawer...

If you've ever hired a photographer and been given a cd or usb of images, ask yourself if this sounds familiar; after sharing the images on facebook and instagram you jump on google to figure out how you're going to display them in your home, but... Where should you go? What should you get? What's the best size? What the heck is AdobeRGB or sRGB? There are so many options and you don't have time for this!

Let me help! I don't want your beautiful images to sit in the dark in the back of some cluttered drawer. I want them on your walls, on your desks and tables, where you can see and enjoy them each day. I've gathered a collection of beautiful, high quality products, from wall art to albums to folios. After your photo session I'll sit down with you, help you pick our your favorite products and the perfect images to compliment them. I'll walk you through every option to make sure you get the images you love on products you love, and hand deliver them right to you.

Clients usually spend $1500 and up.


The slideshow above is a sample of some of the products I offer. All products were selected for their high quality aesthetics, craftsmanship, and longevity.