A couple get close and smiles in front of trees with glowing sun.

1. It's Gotta Be You

I've got lots of little prompts to help pull you out of your shell, but the best sessions come from couples who show up ready to be vulnerable. I can only capture your true dynamic if you allow me into your space. So just be you! Don't act like you think you should, instead do your best to act like you would if I wasn't there. If you feel like laughing, laugh! Poke fun at each other, reminisce fond memories, hum your favorite songs. The best and most honest emotions are in the unplanned shots.


2. Life Isn't Perfect- But your Outfit Can Be

You don't need fancy clothes unless you want them.  It's a great excuse to grab that new dress, but not necessary. If you feel your favorite jeans and t-shirt combo speaks more to who you are and what you want out of the shoot then that's your perfect outfit and I encourage you to rock it! Most importantly, be comfortable! That being said, the right outfits can really alter the mood of a photoshoot, and I can't recommend choosing a color palette and sticking to it enough. Wear clothes that fit well, as baggy can read as cheap, and stay away from clashing colors, neons, and thin stripes, as they tend to photograph poorly.

 Gorgeous couple gets close in front of lake in downtown Olympia.

3. Make a Day Of It

Photographs can capture your energy - so make sure you have some! No one is their best selves after a long busy day, so try to make the day of your shoot as stress free as possible. Sleep in, have a great lunch together, and show up relaxed and ready to have a good time. If you're dressing up, (and depending on your session time) consider planning a late romantic dinner or an evening with friends to round out the experience and make it a truly memorable day.


4. Setting the Mood

The location of your shoot can drastically alter the mood of your photographs, so you want to make sure that it's someplace special that represents you as a couple and has the aesthetics you're looking for in your images. Be it your own cozy kitchen, a backdrop of crashing waves, or a mountain top at sunset, consider how you fit into it and make sure it's you, you, you.

 Lovely couple hold hands while they walk their dogs down the road.

4. Keeping It Lite

A lot of great moments happen on the move from one spot to the next when you're not bogged down with bags of stuff. Or worse, staring at a phone. So leave it all behind! Let the day be about you and your other half. Enjoy the scenery and freedom of mobility without anything weighing you down. 


6. Picture Imperfect

Windblown hair, dirty hemlines, hands, and muddy shoes are the little details that can make your shoot unique. This is about capturing how you feel at this special time in your life, so lean into the 'less than perfect' conditions, be spontaneous, and above all have fun!