1. Editing the Faun of Mabon

    Date 14 Jan 2016
    Some before and in-progress fun from the Faun of Mabon shoot!I used 5 different photos for this composite. A shot of the model in front of a sheet with one light and a reflector, two shots of the first antler, and two shots of a ‘second’ antler after draping the…

  2. BTS: The Corruption Series

    Date 08 Oct 2015
    For some reason, when I was purchasing the white crepe paper for the white flower wall I made for Katie’s shoot, I bought a roll of black as well. It’s been sitting around taking up space since. One morning I woke up and decided I was going to do something…

  3. Katie

    Date 10 Aug 2015
    I hadn’t spoken to Katie in years when she commented on a photo I’d posted to Facebook. She was still the adorable red-head I remembered from high school, only she’d traded in her shoulder length hair for a fetching pixie cut. I wanted to photograph her immediately. It didn’t take much…

  4. Seattle Concept Collaboration

    Date 02 Apr 2015
    I’ve followed David Talley’s Facebook and Flickr since I discovered his work. I can’t remember how I came across it, but I know I clicked the Follow button immediately. So when a meetup he was organizing and attending was only a short drive away, I knew I had to go. Eep! I…

  5. Mara

    Date 13 Feb 2015
    Mara ( is a local flutist who contacted me looking to create something a little different for future promotional purposes. Heck yes, count me in! She told me a little about what she was hoping for, I sent her some sketches, and we were off and running I’d seen people…

  6. Okay, I'm changing some things.

    Date 11 Feb 2015
    I’m shifting gears, in a big way. While I still adore taking family, senior, and engagement photos, what I really, really want to do is… Weird stuff. Creative stuff. Surreal, beautiful, haunting, and maybe even a little creepy when the occasion calls for it. I want to turn people into…

  7. Photo Story - Matthew & Miranda Married

    Date 30 Oct 2014
    See the whole story here!

  8. Photo Story - Westport Beach

    Date 30 Oct 2014
    See the whole story here.

  9. Photo Story - Gifford Pinchot

    Date 30 Oct 2014
    Ahh, camping. :) See the whole story here.

  10. Photo Story - Matthew & Miranda Engaged

    Date 30 Oct 2014
    See the whole story here.

  11. Photo Story - Feedback Lounge

    Date 30 Oct 2014
    See the whole story here. :)

  12. My Sister

    Date 30 Oct 2014
    Almost two years ago I decided to take the leap into portraiture. My sister nervously agreed to be my guinea pig so the next time we were out and about I gave it a go. She’s modeled for me so much now I’m actually spoiled; she knows a lot of…

  13. Photo Story - Downtown Olympia with Katrina

    Date 30 Oct 2014
    See the full story here. :)

  14. Photo Story - Amy & Aaron Engaged

    Date 30 Oct 2014
    Such a lovely couple. I’m still super glad I got to photograph them. :) See all the photos here!

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